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Journals of Quintus Goldwynn

Most Current Entry: Up 'Till Now


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Character Background

Quintus Goldwynn is from a middle class family in Raven's Bluff. He's never ventured very far from the town and has spent most of his life working for the family business, a supply store called the Traveler's Friend. Their clientele are mostly travelers and adventurers, so Quintus got the bug to travel and explore early on from listening to their tales.

His father, Jonathyn Goldwynn wished to pass the store onto Quintus one day. However, as Quintus's first journal entry will reflect, that isn't going to happen. His mother, Mariem Goldwynn, is a nanny and part time servant for an upper class family that resides in Raven's Bluff. Quintus is Jonathyn and Mariem's only son, and they also have a daughter who is five years older named Angel. Angel is married to the son of another local merchant, a cobbler. Quintus also has a few aunts and uncles and several cousins that live in Raven's Bluff. Quintus is the first of his family, since his great grandfather came to Raven's Bluff, to choose a life that will eventually take him away from the city. That great grandfather, it is said, was an adventuring bard of some renown when he retired and his lute still sits on the mantle of the Goldwynn home.

Quintus is generally well liked amongst the people he knows. He is the type of guy that is always willing to lend a hand and help people with their problems. He makes friends easily, and isn't the sort to make trouble. Quintus is eager to meet new people, see new places, and learn new things. He's ready and willing to go wherever the trail and Tymora leads him.


Physical Description

Sex: Male
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 180 lbs
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown

Quintus has a sturdy frame with broad shoulders. His brown hair is kept short and cut above the ear. He keeps his face clean shaven.

On normal days, his garb consists of simple priestly robes of a bluish-gray or brown color. As any good priest does, he is always wearing his holy symbol of Tymora (a simple silver disc) around his neck.